On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank On The First Page

Did you know what is the weight-age of On-page optimization for your website? How much boost could you achieve from just on-page implementation over your keyword rankings? Yes, your keyword can jump several pages forward when you optimize your websites simply by seo check. There are several pointers that needs to be checked while you implement on-page optimization for your website. Remember that your website is your first business place and you need to mention correct information on your website.

Here the discussion is about On-page SEO Optimization Techniques

Oh yes! You can easily rank your website by making some necessary changes that will boost your keyword but remember that while making some changes with your Title, Meta Description or with your header tags, remember one thing that your ranking in most of the cases will go down and then it will boost back to a better position than previous ranking stats. You can also use several onpage optimization tool to collect data and recommended suggestions that you need to make on your website through seo checker tool. But, some of these tools shall index your website scan report and show the results to others under your brand. That is when you search your brand name on Google, result will show these reports as a search result and if it happens then you need to do Search Engine Reputation for your Brand Name.

SEO Techniques consist majority of SEO Test & Analysis

While you ask for SEO techniques for improving your onpage seo then note down the below pointers.

  • Place your High Volume Keyword & Brand name on your Title Tag & Meta Description.
  • Make sure you create different title & description tag of all your webpages.
  • You should place your header tags in sequences like H1, H2, H3, H4 etc.
  • Don’t forget to add alt tag description to your website’s images.
  • Brush your content by keeping your target keywords in the content maintaining keyword density to 6-8% only.
  • Make your urls user friendly excluding numbers, if it is an e-commerce website then make sure your are using minimal numbers. In that case you need to contact your developer.
  • Check out your orphan pages that are left out by your development team while testing the website.

Well, I listed all the white hat techniques above to make your website authenticate and free from any Google penalty. If you need to gain quick results then my try Grey Hat Techniques which I don’t recommend to any one, it can be practiced at user responsibility.

There are some tools that are paid for seo, I recommend you to invest in them as such SEMRUSH to gain complete knowledge about your competitors activity.

Some of the best Tools that I recommend are mentioned below:

  1. Semrush
  2. Keywordtool.io
  3. Seoptimer
  4. Woorank
  5. SEO 1 Click Meta
  6. Cleverseo tools
  7. Open Site Explorer
  8. Google Keyword Planner
  9. Google Analytics
  10. Moz Keyword Explorer

I think this will help you do better seo on your website and your can definitely experience organic results soon after implementing the above mentioned pointers. In-case, you want to inform more on SEO Optimization specially on On-page Subject you are welcomed to comment below. By the way thanks for taking time in reading this blog. Share this blog among your niche to enhance search results on Google.

1. Submit Website to Local Search Engines and Directories

To get the traffic from specific country, you should submit your website to local search engines and local directories. This will help you to get backlinks from specific country and eventually you will get more traffic from that specific country.

2. Use Business Listings and Citations to Improve Local SEO

Business listing and local citation are the best way to improve the local SEO result and this will help you to increase the country specific traffic. Claim your website in Google Business Listing and submit your website details in the business listing and citation websites of the specific country. This will help you to create backlinks and get traffic from the specific country.

3. Target through your Content

Your content is the strongest signal for the Search engines to determine which country you are targeting. Use your target country in your Title, Meta Description, Headers and in your content. This will make search engines understand about your target country. Also follow the grammar and language used in your targeted country.

4. Create Geo Targeted Twitter Accounts

Social media has a significant effect on the website traffic now days. You can create a twitter account which has most of the followers from your targeted country. This may be time consuming process but eventually once you will have most of the followers from your targeted country, whenever you will share your content, you will get traffic from that country.

Contributors: This content has been written with collaboration of Hemal Bhatt– A Digital Marketing Executive.



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