How A Trendy Fashion Website Can Earn You 7 Figures?

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Being an eCommerce Consultant, I & my team have designed many eCommerce stores. The real problem with eCommerce owners is that they already spend thousands of dollars on their technical developers. The websites have all technical stuff done correctly. Still, the eCommerce store is not striking with customers and nor does they make money for you. Are you the one who clearly relates to this scenario? Make comment “Yes! I’m with you.” Designing a fashion website needs more than just technical skills. Most of the web developing companies hire just developers and not artists. All you need to have is an Artist who can design the canvas of Trendy Fashion Website.

With our experience, we have perfected a formula for an eCommerce website that drives not only targeted traffic but it also gives you sales. The wait was you just looking for sales? Haha! You will get more than just sales by reading this blog until the end. Let’s dive in and learn a few tips that you must need on your fashion website so that your store is trending in your genre.

Luxury and Exclusivity:

Well, you need to think like a Billionaire mindset! Don’t panic, we have done the hard work for you. If you were just thinking of, have sun sleep on the beachside then I must you were wrong. A billionaire doesn’t like to spend his time taking those lavish things, but they spend more time on productivity. The only thing they need is peace and calm. That comes with color tones especially when it comes to the eCommerce website. Did you know White color is known to a sign of luxury?

Okay, Gold is also one of the most popular colors among luxury symbols. So, how your website looks luxury & exclusive? When you have a majority of your website color as White that means the main background needs to be white surrounded by the essence of Gold & Black. Sound pretty cool?

Here are some of the exclusive and luxury website looks:

This one:

Cleaner the website more of the authentic luxury feel comes up.

Brand Identity:

We are in the digital era, which means we are omnipresent on Social Media platforms, PR Channels, and Magazines. The mandatory need to have a brand identity is more with the Fashion Industry. 45% times your customer pays for a brand and not for the product. The fashion industry needs the branding to sell big. How can you build your brand then? You need more than just a logo. You need to know the color palettes, tone, product background image and packaging tone. If you’re the one who doesn’t care about all this stuff then you can’t make big in fashion. In eCommerce, there is a fixed pattern or rather a process that all of your customers are going to follow.

They will come to your website from Social Media Feed > They will check your products, price, your delivery notes and finally reviews of your brand name > Final they will buy it or will take an exit.


Design Your Content & Photos First.

Being an eCommerce Digital Marketing Consultant, I have worked with many clients across the globe and what common pattern we found while designing a website was that the content & images were dummies during the designing phase. Therefore, the website would often look awesome but the moment you upload your original contents & photographs it looks awkward. Thus, important learning you have is getting your content or at least your photographs clicked before designing your website.

This way you will be able to save a lot of time and you can easily decide whether to go with this design or not without giving much trouble to your website designers. Did you know 90% of clients would like to have endless revisions maybe because they get feedbacks from not so fashion-friendly peoples or may form their family?

Visual Comfort:

As a fashion store, what makes you feel for a store? Does it look? Exactly, when you see images of big influencers into the store you feel safe to trust a brand. What if you enter a shop where there are no images but lots of written content pieces here and there? You won’t feel to buy! The same happens to your online store. When you have too many contents written on your website, users feel boring. Remember, the more you write higher the chance to get caught. Feel will try to check the facts mentioned on your website and thereby they won’t make any purchase.

Instead, if you have compelling celebrity images then customers will be eager to dig down to your product range. 96% customer who browser more than 3 products on your website are going to make a purchase within 30 days.

Conclusion: Use more of images, not the stock ones but real ones and use minimal and light fonts on your eCommerce Website. For a consultation, you may visit a Fashion eCommerce Marketing Agency.

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