Avail Digital Marketing Course

Allow Me Help You To Become a Digital Marketing Expert!

Now, I am offering master classes for Digital Marketing to help you become a Digital Marketer. You should not miss this opportunity if you are willing to set your career in Marketing and that too Digital. This master class is not just limited to students, any professional or entrepreneur can join this session.

Why Should You Learn From Me?

If you are asking this question then believe me you are going to go ahead long. Because you took one step ahead by accepting a Digital Marketing Course. I, Samibrata Ghosh, have worked with some best IT companies through out my employee career and thereafter as a consultant for many medium and big scale brands globally. I know the art of ranking any website and not just ranking a website but, increase sales with quality organic traffic. I have mastered various channels as a Digital Marketer and I know how to grow a brand in Digital Space from nowhere to everywhere. I have consulted many brands on how to increase their social followers through paid and influential social media reach out.

What do I learn from Digital Marketing Course?

It depends which course you choose in Digital Marketing. How to choose that? Pick a niche you want to master. That is Organic SEO, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing or Pay Per Click Marketing. Trust me any field your choose, you are going to flourish. If you go with SEO, you could master to bring organic traffic to your website or blog. If you go with Instagram marketing or facebook, you could increase your followers and you can earn healthy pay back from your clients as I do. You could easily charge $500-$1500 per month from your client when you begin working from them.

What is your charges for Digital Marketing Course?

Fairly saying it depends what you choose and how much deep you want to master yourself. However, my fees goes like this, for Organic SEO, I charge INR. 10000/- for Social Media, I charge INR. 12000/- and for Pay Per Click I charge INR. 18000/-

Now Offering SEO at Rs. 5000/- for August 2018 Only*