8 Tips To Increase Conversions By Modifying 404 Error Page

When we talk about custom 404 error page that seems to be technical term for most of our users. Only technical people can know what went wrong and what to do next. Well, when this is a case with your e-commerce site then you might loose your sales and more importantly, you loose your royal client. You just need to modify your 404 page with a custom design 404 Page, making changes in hosting area. 404 error page html code can be created to have custom 404 error page feel.

Custom 404 error page to be Modified:

1. Use of Layman Language

As discussed earlier layman people doesn’t understand what error code is 404 and lends up thinking that there is a high issue on the website which may lead to trust factor of you website security. Therefore, use the terms like: “Oops, you landed on the wrong page!” or “The Page that you were trying to reach may have been deleted” or “Sorry for the inconvenience caused” and put a link to Home Page or the Page you want your users to visit the most.

Get Conversions through custom 404 pages

2. Give Possible Reasons

Always mention that reason which cause this page to occur. This way it will enrich the user experience of your website and you will experience better quality score for overall website.

Here is a list of possible reasons for the 404 error:

  • Mistyped URL
  • Copy-and-paste error
  • Broken link
  • Truncated link
  • Moved content
  • Deleted content

3. An Immediate Solutions

Let’s say one of your user lands on your 404 webpage thereafter, user has no clue where to go that ends-up to force him to leave the website. This will make you loose your loyalty. Give your users a different path to follow your goal conversion from 404 Page. Provide URL that is having the latest collections of your products or the URL having your premium services that you are eager to sell. List down all your important webpages using anchor text.

Like this:

Seo Services India

Pay Per Click Ads Services

Seo Reseller India

Best Website Designing Service

4. Help Them Find

Another way to fix the 404 error is by allowing the user to browse around your site until they find what they were looking for.

To help them find it, your 404 error page could include:

  • Menu navigation
  • A link back to the homepage
  • A link to your sitemap
  • A search bar
  • Links to popular posts
  • Links to popular products

5. Don’t Confuse Users with many Choices

Just share only the important urls with your visitors and don’t just let your visitors be confused with thousands of links on 404 page. Be simple, offer simplicity.

Simple 404 error page design

Too many options might confuse visitors


6. Let Users Inform you

The best way to have a conversation using 404 page is to place a facility for your visitors to communicate with you. This will also help you to keep yourself aware about your 404 pages that occurs over the period of time.

7. Maintain Brand Familiarity

The default 404 page provided by the Hosting Platforms use your precious property to advertise their brand rather than promoting your services or products. Therefore, your first attempt should be to remove a default 404 webpage and replace it with a custom 404 error page. Make sure your theme for 404 should either match your business niche or it should co-relate with your brand logo just like dropbox. Create your 404 error page html code today from here

Dropbox 404 page design

8. Showcase your contact info

You can also display your contact details like email id or contact number of your business on a custom 404 error page. This will help your customers to call you directly and you may land into a business inquiry.

Hope you enjoyed my tips on “8 Tips To Increase Conversions By Modifying 404 Error Page”. Get going make your clients website more user friendly and enjoy conversions.


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