10 Ways To Improve Your Blog in 2018

What is a blog writing? Well, it is something to express your thoughts by describing it on words. Why is blog writing important and why one should take interest in doing that? With blogging you can target a finite number of audience online as majority of peoples are online through their phones and tabs. Now-a-days, main stream media is also publishing news articles online. Thus, there is a lot of significant value to go online and write something for your audience.

10 Ways How you Improve Your Blog in 2018?

Definitely, we need to make a great blog to reach your target audience in large numbers. There are individual websites that have 1.5 lakh monthly visitors. Wondering how they reach to this large number? Well, Search Engine Optimization is a terms that needs to be kept in mind while writing a blog as ultimately Search Engines are responsible to make you reach this number.  Topic as such “best digital marketing blogs” are famous among Digital Marketers. Below are the listed 10 ways to improve your blog.

Research Your Niche & Select Proper Keywords

When you start writing blog and you are wondering what pointers to keep in mind then you just Google it once or follow this pointers mentioned below:

  • Find & Select some keywords that have high monthly searches.
  • Use Google Trend to find the trending keywords.
  • Maintain the keyword density and restrict it to 8-10%.
  • Keyword relevance is also important factor.
  • Make sure that your website is Mobile Friendly and it display your content piece properly.
  • Remember to use less pop-up because it is annoying for users every time a pop-up bubbles.
  • Audit your website’s speed for both desktop & mobile.
  • Update your blogs that were written back 2-3 years ago. Also send it to your subscribers.
  • Consult individuals belonging to that niche and collect data from them to display it on your blogs.
  • Always refer to other blogs while you discuss about some debatable topic.

Before you even think of pursuing a blog — with the intent to make money or simply as a hobby — you have to be real with yourself, know your capabilities, as far as time and availability go.


“Successful blogging requires time, dedication, and some strategic planning,” says Brittany Watson Jepsen of powerhouse DIY craft blog, The House That Lars Built. “I wouldn’t plan on doing it if you don’t have sufficient time to devote to it.”

According to a survey of more than a thousand bloggers, a typical blog post takes three and a half hours to create. The same study reveals that four out of five bloggers write outside of normal “work hours,” including on weekends and at night. Translation: bloggers are always on; blogging is their lifestyle, and it requires quality time to produce success. And writing blog posts is just the beginning; in addition to creating content, bloggers must optimize for search engines, make time for social media, market their content, network, and engage with readers. Well, when you are to do all of this remember that the time you spent on all above pointer won’t give you success until you find your reader niche. So, start blogging from today and if you have any queries to ask, please post a comment and I shall reply you to sort your queries.


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