5 Best Free AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes To Increase Revenue

Adsense is a digital ad program offered by Google. It is a platform that helps you post ads on your website and help you earn decent penny. It’s very important to have a qualified and categorized adsense subscription that is related to your targeted audience. For example if you are a blogger and you are writing blogs to a specific niche let’s suppose automobile insurance then there could be specific ad category for you. You need to analyze what kind of people are coming to your website? Obliviously people looking for insurance support or search informational content on insurance. But if you are specifically trying to target automobile customers then you need to know from analytics if your traffic is based on your targeted niche or not. If so, then you choose automobile insurance as your category. Thus this would help to show ads that are related to car insurance, may automobile insurance company or agencies. So, choose your niche carefully when you signup for adsense.

5 Best Adsense optimized themes that I recommend are as follows:

#1 News Portal Pro

A true theme for news out-busters. You could post trending news with this theme. Also, it is up-to your designer’s creativity, how it could be transformed to various other forms.

Ultimate Magazine WordPress Premium Theme – News Portal Pro

#2 Editorial

This theme could be used for numerous purpose as it is robust. You could mix-match content with this theme or could present like a news blog.

Free WordPress Magazine Theme – Editorial

#3 IsleMag

I had use this theme personally for my client and would recommend it to everyone. It is quite easy to install and edit as per your requirement.


#4 Optimize

Well as the name suggests, “optimize”, it is another clean design and it has quite a good space your adsense ads. 728×90 would be an optimal ad support it this theme but you could stretch out the ad space between the content if you need to fit your large scale ads.



#5 Digital

It is available on wordpress theme and it is contributed by Sandy. Small agency or an individual could use this theme, It has a good layout if we talk about displaying images.


Enjoy with these themes for now. If you face any difficulty while installing them you could contact me here. Also, you could comment any theme which is free and more adsense optimize.


About the Author: Samibrata is a Digital Marketer, Web Designer, Speaker, Trainer & an Entrepreneur with Engineering Degree in C.S.E worked for finest Company in India, handling some top brands.

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